Scare Force One Wins Season Seven Championship

May 18, 2013  The fight for the Season Seven Championship was a no-holds-barred fight to the end. The returning Season Six champions, Scare Force One, faced off against the Cherry Blossom Bombshells for the Skate of the Union trophy in a repeat of last season’s championship bout. Both teams brought it all to the track, giving each other and the fans a fight to the last jam.

Jam 1 gave SF1 an early lead, with Sharp Shredder gaining lead jammer and scoring the first 14 points of the bout.  CBB jammer Yankee Scandal could not get through SF1’s “wall of death,” with veteran skaters Whips ‘N Pains, Deadly Lamarr, Condoleeza Slice, and Velocityraptor locking it down.  The CBBs answered back, with Hook ‘N SlasHer putting 5 on the board for her team.  SF1’s lead increased in Jam 3, when the CBB’s Ultimate Whorrior could not get past JK LOL and the SF1 blockers and went to the box, granting SF1 a power jam.   Scoriental Express added another 15 points. The momentum increased in Jam 4 when Marion Barrycuda snagged another 4 and called it off during the remaining seconds of SF1’s power jam, widening the spread to 5-33.

But the CBBs and tiny dynamo Yankee Scandal came for a fight. Scandal whipped past SF1’s defenses, using CBB blocker Ridin’ Dirty to catapult through.  The CBB line, including Queen Kamayhemayhem and Badass Maggie, kept the SF1 blockers apart long enough for speed demon Scandal to grab 7 points for her Bombshells.  Sharp Shredder answered with 4 hard-fought-for points, but the CBBs bridged and made her earn each one. SF1 jammer Marion Barrycuda got lead in Jam 7 for another 10 points to SF1. Jam 8 was a neck-in-neck race with Shredder getting lead jammer for SF1, but UWho whipped effortlessly off of teammate Mayhem and forced her to call it after just 2 points, stalling the total to 12-49.

While Scorey was held behind a CBB wall, Scandal snatched her opportunity to demonstrate her fearsome speed, getting lead jammer and speeding through the CBB power jam opportunity to make it an INCREDIBLE 25 point jam!  The score going into Jam 10 was  37-49, and even though Shredder got lead jammer for SF1, CBB’s Jaminy Kricket was right behind her.  A powerful hit from CBB blocker Helen Killah forced Shredder to call off the jam with no points awarded.  UWho grabbed another point for the Bombshells before another jammer race in Jam 12 kept the score at 38-47.  Whips ‘N Pains skillfully pushed through the CBB blockers to get lead, and a trip for Hook ‘N SlasHer to the box towards the end of the jam meant that SF1 could begin Jam 14 with a power jam.  Cuda fought for another 10 points to SF, but SlasHer zipped out of the box and scored 3 before the jam was called.  Jam 15 closed the gap even further, with the Bombshell offense breaking up SF1’s defense and jammer UWho adding a huge 14 points to their score, bringing it to a nerve-wracking 55-61.  The next few jams were scrappy, neck-in-neck races, with each team adding a point or two to their side.  By halftime, the score was a ridiculously close 73-77.

Scandal entered the second half hungry for victory, got lead, and gave her team another 9 points.  In Jam 24, CBB jammer SlasHer was off like a shot, taking a whip off teammate Riding Dirty and getting a quick lead to add a whopping 17 points for the Bombshells.  Scare Force took a moment to regroup, and began whittling away at the new CBB lead.  The two teams alternated smaller point gains until Jam 30. With the score 110-102, SF1 scored 15 to the CBB’s 11, putting them back on top.  Marion Barrycuda added 10 for SF1 during a power jam in Jam 31, widening the gap.  Scoriental Express gave SF1 9 during the next jam.  It was looking good for Scare Force, but with the speedy CBB jammers, it was still anyone’s game.  After a few more smaller-scoring jams, CBB jammer Jaminy Kricket took a whip from Helen Killah and added 10 for the CBB’s, making the score 127-131. In response, SF1 jammer Sharp Shredder utilized a power jam and with the help of Hellie, Pains, and Deadly, scored 24 points!  The CBBs fought to score several more points before the end, but ultimately could not close the point gap to reach before time ran out.