Love the DC Rollergirls? Want to be involved in the league but not interested in skating? Volunteer!

The DC Rollergirls is an entirely volunteer-run business dedicated to promoting athleticism and diversity, while fostering self-worth, personal strength, and female empowerment. Whether you are available to be an extra set of hands on Bout Day, or if you have graphic design or accounting skills that you are interested in sharing let us know!

About two weeks before a bout, we send out forms where people can sign up to volunteer. Those who sign up for a two-hour shift will be given free admission to the bout. Yes, you heard that right – you get to watch derby for FREE! Volunteer shifts are location-specific but often include set-up, breakdown, face painting, merch sales, and ticket sales. People who volunteer frequently are added to our Pit Crew. Pit Crew members are invited to our end of season party, are eligible for league awards, and get first pick of volunteer shifts.

If you want to help but are not able to lend us your talents on Bout Day, email with how you think you could help us. All skills are welcome. Because we are entirely self-run, we are always looking for an extra set of hands, including EMTs, videographers, photographers, general contractors, and more.

Volunteer of the Month

December 2016 – Wheels and Pablo Raw
November 2016 – ICE and Mr. Pickle
October 2016 – Sasha aka Kim Deal with It
September 2016 – Brooklyn and Bacon
August 2016 – Pablo Raw
July 2016 – Dixie
June 2016 – Stat in the Hat
May 2016 – Wreck Support